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Image of Plenty of ups and downs

Plenty of ups and downs

Roller Coaster VR viewer by Beth Emily Richards for ‘From the Field’.

Beth Emily Richards is an artist, researcher, and producer whose practice is social, interconnected, and collaborative.

This year Beth has watched with interest and admiration as fans of roller coasters responded to local lockdown restrictions by recreating rides in their homes, gardens and online - just one aspect of the avid fandom that surrounds fairground and theme park rides.

For ‘From the Field’ Beth created a YouTube channel ‘A Taxonomy of Thrills and Frissons’ which platforms and attempts to catagorise some of the different genres of video shared by fans from across the world. Along with a new video work ‘White Blurs’ drawing together conversations from her encounters in coaster chat rooms and the sounds of thrill and frisson synonymous with the experience of rides.

(Dog not included)

Image of Plenty of ups and downs
Image of Plenty of ups and downs