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Image of From the Field Anthology

From the Field Anthology

The full collection of 'From the Field' editions produced by:

Phyllida Bluemel, Go Happen, Rhys Morgan, Nina Royle, Graham Taylor,
Rosanna Martin, James Hankey, Beth Emily Richards, Keiken and Georgia Gendall

Over the past 6 years we’ve had the chance to work with hundreds of incredible artists; from well established artists in and around Cornwall to new talent often straight out of education, and there are some artists we keep going back to. So as the peculiarities of the Covid 19 unfolded, restricting conditions for making and showing work, we wanted to reach out to these artists as a barometer for the times.

With commissions released online gradually from June to November each artist had just a couple of weeks to reflect on limitations or expansions of their immediate physical environs, field of practice or production, or community – creating something quick, small and digital to share.

The artists are also each creating a small physical edition, which will be brought together to make up the ‘From the Field’ anthology; a compilation of reflections and creations instigated by the global pandemic.

‘From the Field’ was made possible by the generous support of National Lottery players, through Arts Council England’s Emergency Fund. All proceeds from the sales of objects will be split 50:50 between the artists and a Field Notes seed fund for future commissions.

Please see the individual listings for details of each object.

If there is a particular 'Mercurial Mirror' you would like to reserve as part of the Anthology please email us