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Image of Solitary Tower

Solitary Tower

A hand-made limited edition graphite rubbing made by James Hankey for ‘From the Field’.

James Hankey, an artist based in Bristol who has strong links to Cornwall and the South West. His work develops through photographic, performative, and often absurdist processes.

For several months since the beginning of the lockdown in March, James was sharing in the care for his partner’s father Roy who developed rapid onset dementia. The parallel and intersecting experiences of isolation induced by lockdown and dementia provided the starting point for a series of deeply personal responses including two video works, which can be viewed on our vimeo channel -

These graphite rubbings are taken from a tower-like proportioned block of wood for solitary bees, made by James and Roy during early lockdown. Roy is a recently retired art teacher and an accomplished woodworker and cabinet maker, and in this early stage of his condition, James was alarmed at how he struggled with the seemingly simple instruction to drill the holes in a random pattern.

There are 20 rubbings in the series, each numbered and date, and each slightly different so the work you receive will probably differ from the image.

Image of Solitary Tower
Image of Solitary Tower