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Image of The Language of the Birds

The Language of the Birds

Set of six double sided riso print cards, produced by Phyllida Bluemel for 'From the Field'.

Phyllida Bluemel is an artist, writer, illustrator and lecturer working from Falmouth, Cornwall. She is interested in the philosophy of language, logic and structures of thought - especially as related to nature.

The first of the ten commissions for 'From the Field', 'The Language of the Birds' is a reflection on Phyllida's early lockdown impulse to tune into nature, in some ways impededed and in others perhaps augmented by the instinct to forage for shortcuts to enlightenment on her laptop.

The results are six black and white instagram posts, which combine sound, video and text, and these six exquisite printed cards.

The cards are A6 in size.

Image of The Language of the Birds