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Image of Instructing Turbulence

Instructing Turbulence

A pair of A6 postcard prints, each documenting a set of instructions exchanged between Jacob and Colette of Go Happen and the resulting action. Produced as part of 'From the Field' 2020.

Go Happen is the collaborative practice of Jacob Woods and Colette Grenville.

Their practice spans story telling, dance, music, sculpture, video and performance and always draws further collaboration from people local to their work whether they are members of the community, artists or businesses.

Jacob and Colette used Instagram Stories as a platform for performance this July. Over the course of 24 hours, they provided each other with instructions that played on imagined experiences of one another’s lockdown. As the instructions were enacted a series of images, texts, sound and video were created and shared. An amalgamation of the directions and actions these cards could be posted as an invitation to continue the interaction or simply framed and enjoyed.

(Frame not included)

Image of Instructing Turbulence
Image of Instructing Turbulence